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Margaret Teigen Steele
// Criminal Defense Attorney

Providing the Finest Legal Defense.

Through aggressive representation, personal attention, and professional diligence Margaret wins cases & leaves no stone unturned.


With the right attorney, the confusion will clear & your fear will become less powerful. I’m here to help – I’ve got you.

I recognize that you have an entire life outside of this criminal case. I will work hard to protect your family and your job so that the impact on them is minimal.

Steele Law specializes in personalized attention and the finest customer service. Most of our clients have been accused and now find themselves in the unfamiliar and incredibly stressful criminal justice system for the first time. If you’re my client, you might be a  professional who runs a business, has a job or career, own a home, and needs to support your family. And now – on top of everything else – you have a criminal case to fight.

You’re not a criminal, but you have been accused of breaking the law. You have too much to lose to do this on your own and I want to be there with you every step of the way.

I value privacy and discretion. I work hard to respect and protect my client’s privacy. The government is prosecuting and building a case against you, and you need a team who has your back and a lawyer who will fight for you.

Criminal charges are frightening & a conviction can have long-lasting effects on your life and on your family.

No matter what kind of charges you are facing, choose Steele Law to fight for you – I will listen without judgment in order to understand your side of the story, explain the legal options available to you, and work with you hand-in-hand to develop a winning strategy.

Your future depends on it.

A must! 5.0 stars...

Client Reviews

"They always say it's not what you know, but who you know that makes life better – this was my experience with Margaret..."

"They always say it's not what you know, but who you know that makes life better. This was my experience with Margaret. She took my case and gave my life back to me. It took some time, but her persistence and knowledge was worth the extra year. Her knowledge of things to do prior to court was outstanding, I truly believe it is what saved my sentencing. When she takes your case she continues to fight with everything she has to get the best results. She is trustworthy and honest. Plus she is also a wonderful person. Thank you so much."

"I have dealt with plenty of attorneys and Ms. Steele is a wonderful recommendation..."

"I have dealt with plenty of attorneys in the past, and Ms. Steele is a wonderful recommendation I got from a friend. She was ALWAYS available within no more than an hour or two to answer all of my questions that constantly popped up. I had a complicated case and it was passed upon 6 times until we were forced to go to trial against one of the best DA’s in the country George Brockler. We had a solid case and she worked beyond my expectations and did an amazing job! George had to bring in 3 different attorneys and a PI to help him. She took them all on alone and gained huge respect from her peers post-trial! And what shocked me was her prices were beyond fair and everything was upfront. No add-ons or surprises! She’s a realist and not there to puff up an ego or had a political agenda to appease as George soon realized. I would hire her again and again, but I don’t plan on going to court ever again! Thank you Ms. Steele for helping, sticking up for, and motivating me!"

"Her level of concern and investment in my case made me feel as though I was a member of her family..."

"Margaret Teigen Steele is an amazing lawyer. She is always very quick to respond via text, call, or email. This is an important quality in a lawyer when some situations are highly time-sensitive. Her level of concern and investment in my case made me feel as though I was a member of her family. Margaret was always on top of my case or three steps ahead of everyone else. She could easily charge more for her services but chooses to stay within reach of all income classes.
When I referred Margaret to a friend, she responded within minutes and helped my friend before she received a dime or had any type of signed agreement. That reveals how committed she is to helping others. Thank you again, Margaret."

"Margaret literally saved my life and helped give me a push to turn my life around..."

"Margaret literally saved my life, and helped give me a push to turn my life around. She worked hard for me and never gave up on my case. She is a great lawyer to have on your side. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is always extremely responsive and insightful. Whenever I call her, she gets back to me within an hour or two. I have called many times and need legal advice in a panic and she is able to answer all my questions and make me feel better. She helps me understand things that I have no clue about. I trust her expertise. Thank you Margaret for all your help and for always answering my phone calls."

"I walked into her office the first day scared facing multiple charges on two separate cases and she had me leaving her office with the mentality ready to tackle this..."

"Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
If you ever find yourself in need of the best legal counsel out there I would highly recommend Margaret. She is the most professional, kind, and most importantly caring woman I have met. I walked into her office the first day scared of facing multiple charges on two separate cases and she had me leaving her office with the mentality ready to tackle this. Let me tell you, she did exactly that!! she got me a plea deal that never would have been possible on my own and I couldn't be more grateful for her. She has helped with not only my legal issues but, she has also been amazing financially allowing me to set up a payment arrangement and always staying in touch and working with me. Thank you Margaret for all you have done and continue to do for me."


Protect your rights & your way of life.

Being accused of a crime & dealing with criminal charges is emotionally draining & frightening.

You may feel uncertain & afraid.
You may be unsure of what the future holds for you.
Lawyer up to protect your way of life.

Call Steele Law – we can help.

If you have just been arrested, or if you just found out there is an arrest warrant for you, please call us or visit our 10 things to do after you're arrested.
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